Clover Canyon Baroque Sequined blazer (via EFGPR), Matthew Williamson x H&M Sheer Patterned shirt, Zara floral pants, J Shoes Calf-Skin boots (via OAKNYC)

It's not an every day occurrence that you get to wear something as special and unique as this Clover Canyon baroque blazer. I mean, just look at how stunning Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is in one of their printed baroque dresses! When I saw this blazer at the EFGPR showroom, I was overwhelmed with sheer joy by the level of detail and the hand-sequined construction of the blazer. You can't help but feel like absolute royalty in it. And how sick does it look even when paired with other seemingly clashing prints and patterns? Love how it can still hold up its own and make a powerful statement in a fleeting glance. 

Photographed by Kaetlin Andrews