A few months back, I was invited to speak on the fashion panel at the annual V3CON, presented by AAJA of Los Angeles and coordinated by the IW Group. That took place this past weekend inside the Central Hall of the Japanese American National Museum, and I can't be more excited to talk about it!

Full disclosure: It was unbelievably intimidating to be at a conference attended by some of the major, Asian-American bloggers (notably, Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man), Anita Lau (Mad Hungry Woman) and our fashion panel moderator, Jen Wang (Disgrasian)!). Yet, they were also such a supportive and humble crowd, especially the girls I shared the panel with, Melanie of Wrecked Stellar and Jackie of JaaackJack! Both Melanie and Jackie are quite established in their own right, with a loyal following behind them. That in itself was so inspiring for a late-bloomer, fashion/personal style blogger like me.

Melanie's fraternal twin sister (not pictured), Rebecca of Style with Benefits, was also in the audience. We bonded over our mutual love for cut-outs on denim and our dear friend Carla (what a small world!).

Prior to going up on stage to face the audience, Isabelle Du from IdeateTV gave me my first live interview. Ever. Talk about breaking a sweat in my vintage, Balmain blazer!

A few highlights on what I touched upon during the panel discussion:
  • Personal style is really personal to me. I shop from my mom and dad's closet all the time. A hand-me-down Louis Vuitton bag? I'll take that. 
  • Coming out as a gaysian (or gay Asian male) liberated me from the gender norms of dressing and styling. I am always shopping from different sections of the store, be it womens or kids. It allowed the development of a visual blueprint of who I am.
  • My Asian-American roots and how that pertains to our importance in the ever-changing, fashion/beauty movement.

Thanks again, AAJA and IW Group, for the invite to speak at such a vibrant and engaging conference. I look forward to many opportunities where we can continue affecting and changing the discourse of fashion + Asian (Fashionasian!).