DIY: Studded Jil Sander-esque Beanie

I am sure everyone's seen Jil Sander's prolific veiled beanie on every major fashion blogger by now. Although I'd love to get my hands on one, it's hard to justify the cost for such a minor accessory. And why bother when you can snag one for free? In my case, I acquired one, courtesy of Smirinoff at Summer Tramp, in my drunken stupor. This beanie is surprisingly high-quality and soft for being a random, swag item!

To be honest with all of you, I am not the most crafty person out there. I figured I'd start slow with a tutorial that involved studs since they're so easy to put on. Now onwards with the tutorial!

1. First, you'll need some studs. I decided to go with studs, because they can cover up the branding on the swag beanie in a fashionable and cost-efficient way! I purchased my pack of dome studs from Studs and Spikes. They offer a wide selection at all price ranges, so there's plenty to choose from.

2. The next step is to identify what kind of studded design you wish to use for the cover up. I went with a cherry blossom arrangement, with five studs in circular arrangement and one on the center. Pretty, no?

3. Inserting the studs isn't all that tricky, but it does require some brute strength especially on the tough, fibrous areas. Once it goes through, bend the metal tabs fully to secure the stud. No one likes a dangling stud, after all.

4. Repeat the above step six times (or however many times as needed) and ta-da! Now you have a studded beanie reminiscent of Jil Sander's sans veil (which can be purchased and added separately).

If you happen to give this a tutorial try, let me know how it goes! Any feedback is appreciated. Happy studding!

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