Obsession: Why I Theory

(Images courtesy of Theory)

After seeing Theory's feature on a number of their well-dressed employees, I am dying to find myself a job there. It's becoming more and more frequent, with the advent of social media, that we get to see the many, human faces who run the show behind the scenes of a high-end label such as Theory.

The above three outfits are my absolute favorites out of the bunch. They give off such an air of professionalism and elegance without sacrificing on personal style. If I could, I would wear the Zumara Pony Hair leather jacket and the Yvanka Black Boots in a heartbeat. And that relaxed tee and trouser look, pictured on top, had me salivating from the very first glance!

I know I am incredibly privileged to be working at a marketing agency that values individuality and personal style. But how do most of you find that fine balance between being professional yet still remain true to your own sense of style?