Obsessions: Angora Fur, Ombre, Animal Rings and Foldable Sunnies

TopShop Angora Fur Cropped Sleeve Sweater, Zara Ombre Pant, H&M Broken Elephant Tusk Ring, Black Panther Ring and Foldable Tinted Wayfarers

I can't seem to stop wearing all the above in combination or as separates -- it appears that my bounty from Chicago is giving me good mileage for the rest of the Spring season. Spring weather can get rather tricky and unpredictable on the Westside of Los Angeles. On some days it's nice and sunny. And then, before you know it, the marine layer moves in creating overcast clouds and windy chills.

The cropped sleeves of the angora fur sweater from TopShop is the best solution to combat against the fickleness of Spring climate. To turn up the animalistic aesthetic, I alternate between the elephant and black panther ring. They're so adorably versatile and are great conversation starters at your next cocktail party. As for the foldable, tinted wayfarers, I believe everyone should own a pair. They scream Coachella so hard. I highly recommend skipping out on designer versions. Hop on over to your nearest H&M and snag a pair!

. . .
On another note, I have been recently enveloped into the world of high fashion bidding on eBay. This addiction has led me to a Rabbit Fur Hooded Theory Jacket and a new pair of teal Prada, penny loafers. Can't wait to show you guys!