A "500 Days of Summer" Weekend

When my good friend, Ally, came to visit me from NYC, her number one request was to take her to Angel's Knoll, an oasis that is tucked away in the bowels of Downtown LA where they filmed some very poignant scenes of 500 Days of Summer. Being one of my favorite films and locales in this urban sprawl of a city, I happily obliged.

Time spent with Ally is always a pleasure. Our friendship dates back to my very first week at Cornell (Yes, it's located in Ithaca, NY. Yes, it can get brutally cold.). We both share an unbridled love for food, thrifting, culture, design and life in general. But most of the time, we just eat to our hearts' content! She's now finishing up her Masters degree at the Pratt Institute, and I can't wait to see her again come this September in NYC!

Sharing stories and catching up on our latest escapades makes me miss the satisfaction I derive from having conversations that dig deep into our personal lives. Another reminder that I need to start doing the same with the amazing circle of friends I have met this past year. Like most things in life, it isn't about the quantity but rather the quality of relationships.

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