My Little Ming Xi

Hi lovelies! Meet Ming Xi Rachael, my beloved niece! Isn't she adorable? What a blossoming fashionista?! (Note: I shop for her).

She's been my muse since the day I met her, as rosy and vivacious toddler. I simply adore and love everything about her -- the way her exuberant smile can cut through the meanest of dispositions.

Her resemblance to Ming Xi, the rising star, Asian model that has been stomping through the runway for Givenchy and Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF), and extraordinary height at just six years old has me thinking: Does she have what it takes to be a super-star, child model? I dream of her, posing in front of the camera, dressed in the most luxurious, Lanvin garb there is for children. Perhaps, I hope to live vicariously through her. Not surprisingly, her mommy (my older sister, Jenny) was once a model for a very short time. She grew out of that rather quickly and settled for a career path in immigration services.

I love how this post is such a breath of fresh air from all the other entries I've written. Family is very important to me and certainly takes priority over my materialistic pursuits. One look at my niece, and all my troubles slowly melt away. I frequently commute from the Westside (Culver City, specifically) back to San Gabriel just so I could spend time with my her and the rest of my family.

Just a few more days before the weekend is here -- I'll be taking my parents to Yamashiro for some delicious bites and gorgeous views. It'd be their first time. Guess I'll see you there?