Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, passed away on October 5th, 2011 this week. This piece of news shook and forever shaped the world of technology as we know it. Jobs' passing was felt immediately, across all social and digital media platforms. Major news channels all memorialized his lasting impact as an innovator and visionary.

I vividly remember using Apple II computers throughout my elementary school years. While the performance was somewhat clunky and user interface awkward, I thoroughly benefitted from hours of slaving away on mathematical and literary exercises. I am proud to be an owner of a MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone 4. There's not a day that I am not utilizing the products that Jobs and his incredible team has helped materialized.

Recently, I bought a new Marc Jacobs sleeve from Bloomingdales for my MacBook Pro, which desperately needs some protection loving. I absolutely adore it. The embossed typography and graphics make for an interesting visual finish, but I was really sold on the faux fur interior. It's an all-around luxurious sleeve that not only makes your Macbook look good but feel good as well. Speaking of faux fur, I will be needing some of that for my BryanBoy-inspired, Halloween outfit. Will definitely keep you guys updated on that front of my life when the time comes!

Without further ado, here are some enticing photos of the sleeve. It almost makes my MacBook Pro look like the supporting model.

Clearly, you can see why I love this sleeve so much. It could also double as a simple portfolio case, if you ever decide to retire your MacBook Pro for an Air!

I have a feeling my love affair for Apple and Marc Jacobs will only grow stronger from this point on, but my deep admiration and respect for Steve Jobs, as a visionary, inventor, designer and technological leader will hold forever still.

Once again, this is my tribute to Steve Jobs. May he relish in the fact that millions, including myself, appreciate the lasting impact he has graced us with.