Why, hello there! Welcome to MYBELONGING.

My name is Tommy Lei, and I am the principal styleteller of MYBELONGING, a digital outlet that began as a means of documenting and instilling meaning into material investments. It has now become so much more. With a strong, editorial eye, I gravitate toward brands, products and services that truly reflect and resonate with the international readership of MYBELONGING. A preferential emphasis is placed upon high-end, luxe brands, both emerging and established, domestic and abroad. With years of professional experience in marketing and advertising, I am also a freelance digital media consultant.

MYBELONGING is a visual dialogue about personal style, luxe street fashion and curated life experiences. It’s rooted deeply in the art of styletelling self-expression — on your own terms and from the heart. We’re all about Styletelling Self Expression.