What You Need to Know: Teeth-Whitening at Home


Truth to be told - I've never attempted to whitened my teeth before (save for this one time in college when I happened upon some Crest Whitening strips samples, which didn't turn out to be a pleasant experience). I haven't revisited the idea since then, afraid that the bleaching agents used in most mainstream whitening kits were too abrasive for my teeth's enamel and sensitive gums. In a nut-shell, teeth-whitening kits - whether it's over the counter or online - have become a dime in the dozen. 

I haven’t revisited the idea since then, afraid that the bleaching agents used in most mainstream whitening kits were too abrasive for my teeth’s enamel and sensitive gums.

So how do you weed out the 'fillers' from the kits that truly work and worth your investment? I decided to test out one a kit from HiSmile and here's what you need to know: 


Go Peroxide Free

In my personal experience, teeth-whitening kits or strips containing hydrogen peroxide have caused more harm than good. Over time the hydrogen peroxide weakens enamel and can chemically burn your gums. It's for your own benefit to go for a peroxide-free option that is just as, if not more, effective. HiSmile's teeth whitening kit actually uses Sodium Bicarbonate to achieve these desired results. 

It's - Surprisingly - Time Efficient 

Most whitening-kits only take roughly 2-3 consistent and consecutive applications for changes to appear. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully, apply the gel to optimally cover your teeth and turn on the light device to speed up the process. HiSmile's compact lightening device automatically shuts off after 10 minutes into the procedure. Simply set it and forget it. I like to squeeze in some much-needed reading and downtime in between intense deadlines while doing so. 

Safe and Never Tested on Animals

If your teeth-whitening kits had been tested on animals, it's probably not safe for you to use. Sodium bicarbonate, the main whitening ingredient found in the HiSmile kit, is a naturally-recurring substance found in our own bodies as well as mineral springs. 

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There's No Need to See a Dentist

Generally with the right teeth-whitening kit solutions, there is no need to see the dentist - unless you have existing veneers, braces, caps and crowns that may not respond to the bleaching agent. HiSmile teeth-whitening kits can be readily used right from the box. Just make sure you properly brush your teeth and sanitize the mouth-guard. 

Lasting Results with Minimal Maintenance

As with any sculpted body out there, teeth-whitening is the same. After the initial applications are done, it is recommended that you do follow-ups of 1-2 applications each month to maintain the results. This is not the biggest commitment and can be easily incorporated into your weekly grooming/beauty routine. 

First Reactions | ★★★★✰

I was pleasantly amazed by how much I liked using the HiSmile teeth-whitening kit (please note this is the only kit I've tested so far) and noticed results immediately after my first 10 minute session. The whole experience was completely pain and fuss-free. There was a bit of awkwardness initially with the mouth-guard, but I can see myself getting used to it over time. I am looking forward to using this consistently for the next few days to see how white my teeth will ultimately become. 

If you have no patience or need dramatic but immediate results, I would recommend heading to your nearest dental clinic for their teeth-whitening services. If you are more budget-minded and have 10 minutes free for the next six days, the HiSmile teeth-whitening kit is a no-brainer. 

Teeth-whitening kit courtesy of HiSmile; experiences and words are solely my own