All Year Round: Top Menswear Trends for 2017

Gucci shearling jacket

Keeping up with the latest trends can be pretty hard on your bank account. Most of us find ourselves eventually giving up and settling with our outdated wardrobes. Luckily for men this year, 2017 seems to have rolled in with many of the seasonal trends that we saw come to life in 2016. Feel free to share a private moment with your wallet… I’ll wait.

However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t be aware of these trends. You should also make sure you’re mixing things up from time to time. We all know how easy it is to fall into a routine of matching the same shirt with the same stock standard pair of pants, but that doesn’t mean that’s a habit you shouldn’t try to break. Of course, you shouldn’t rule out investing in some new items altogether (ignore your wallets glare) but make sure you dig through your closet first. See how you can mix things up, and even more, what you may be lacking in.  It’s important to be able to dress for all occasions. 

So, for your benefit, here are some of the top menswear trends for 2017, that you should be aware of:

Nike monochromatic matching gym outfit

Retro Sportswear 

Ten years ago, if someone told you the 90’s would hit a major revival and that tracksuits would once again be considered ‘hip’, you’d tell them they were barking mad. But, as it turns out, they wouldn’t have been barking mad at all…  they would have been bang on the truth. Love him or hate him, but Kanye West aka Yeezy, knows how to sell upmarket, refined athleisure. And it is back; harder, better, faster and stronger. It’s the so called ‘normcore’ genre of menswear, with its biggest ambassadors being the aforementioned West, as well as Pharrell Williams and David Beckham. 

The benefit of this, is that looking good these days means feeling just as comfortable. Sportswear has been one of the largest risers in menswear over the last few seasons, and while it’s brought back some simpler times, it’s also taken on its own 2017, contemporary form. Tracksuits have branched out and even encroached on different classifications… for example, modernising a classic suit by wearing a track top underneath can earn you quick styling points. It’s the grunge meets classy look that will not only make you look good, it could also help you land that lucky date.

Fashion Say Relax, Just Do It!

This vintage reappearance means that tracksuits have become more relaxed, with looser fits and technical fabrications. Good examples are items such as simple zip-up nylon jumpers or a nice, tonal pair of drawstring trousers. 

Matching track pants might be hard to get your head around, but it’s currently super popular with the big-name fashion designers. If you decide you are daring enough, try to stay top-to-toe tonal, with the more of the subtler shades. Then you can layer them in with a funky pair of sneakers, or perhaps a classic bomber jacket. Top it off with a decent pair of adventurously daring socks.

Dries Van Noten

Optimising Patterns

Bold patterns are in. Especially checks and stripes. Checks can be applied to literally everything. In fact, 2016 even saw the comeback of tartan. Who would’ve thought? 

From winter knitwear, to the warmer simplicity of T-shirts, checks can and should implicate themselves anywhere. And anywhere means everywhere! 

The same concept applies for stripes - especially the vertical kind. Stripes were all over the runway at the recent Men’s London Fashion Week. Why? Because they  lend themselves generously to all sorts of looks and styles. Currently the trend is for patterns to come in the more neutral shades e.g your muted greys. Alternatively, the lighter, pastel stripes go nicely with some contrasting darker colours. 

Zayn Malik in Louis Vuitton souvenir shirt

On The Bottom

Thankfully for men who aren’t comfortable with the Mick Jagger style of pants, looser cuts are back in fashion. Wide-leg trousers are set to skyrocket in 2017. It comes back to the whole concept of dressing down while still maintaining a high level of sophistication. For example, choose a straight leg jean or a good pair of hem trousers with an ankle-baring crop.  

For the more formal occasions, don’t be afraid to mismatch your pants with your suit jacket. Broken suits are huge right now and it’s no longer assumed that you need to buy a set piece. Some of the biggest names; Hugo Boss, Armani and Ted Baker all style their suits to show off different, contrasting colours and prints. 

On The Top

Baseball caps and beanies are still publicly acceptable (although, make sure you cater to your unique head shape) it’s just up to what you decide to wear below. Try something out like a classic crew neck t-shirt. Slogans tees are never poorly received, either. In fact, they should be a staple in your wardrobe. They have the ability to rejuvenate any outfit, giving just that little bit more. They can also be seamlessly topped off with a nice blazer- for a clean finish. 

A collared shirt is also always a good choice, too. The cuban collar looks particularly presentable. With its nice, open neckline and sleek cut, when you wear it, you’ll reinvent the definition of looking refined. Here are some examples of ideal men’s casual shirts

Tip: Hawaiian patterns are always a good way to go, especially  in the warmer months. This could be topped off with some nice slim-fitting jeans and a classic leather jacket. Never say no to a leather jacket. 

Winter calls for more denim. Denim jeans, denim jackets - just put some denim in there somewhere. Match it up with a  soft, silhouetted knit in a statement colour, like a bold plum or deep red. Perhaps with a nice round or turtleneck. 


When you’re looking for the right coat, think = statement. 
What will stand out, whilst simultaneously having the ability to go with everything? 
If you can find something that ticks both these boxes, then odds are, you’ve find the right coat. 

Shearling coats are already super popular in 2017. Not only are they warm, but they’re extremely texture rich. Not to mention, you’ll look liked a fashionable 1970s fighter pilot. These are all nice in what we call the ‘Yeezy shades.’ That would be your beiges, khakis, coppers, ochres and sands. 
A good denim jacket will always go far, too. While they’re not as warm, they look pretty great over the top of an old hoodie. 

Embrace The Versatility

In 2017 men are more adventurous than ever. Not just in fashion, but in every aspect of life. Don’t do yourself the disservice of looking too uptight or outdated. Be open. Be versatile. Men have accessibility to all year round clothing more than ever, and the best thing is that it can be achieved satisfactorily at a reasonably low budget. 

Images sourced via Pinterest and Google Image Search