Holiday Scent Story with Alford & Hoff

I live to smell good. I also live for an excellent scent story this holiday season. 

Perfected by world-class perfumer, Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan, Alford & Hoff is my latest fragrance obsession for myself and men the world over. Alford & Hoff scents are designed for the modern male, who isn’t afraid to take life by the reins, go beyond their comfort zones and experiment a little bit (or a lot). It’s for the guy who juggles his freelance creative career with finesse, meditates every morning, makes a mean steak with truffle butter, attuned to his needs, on a physical and mental level, and a leading example/beacon of inspiration for others. In essence, the Alford & Hoff type of guy is one who shines while allowing other people to do so at the same time. 

Alford & Hoff is a men’s cologne that evolves and moves with me.

Personally, for me, Alford & Hoff is a fragrance I’ve been using ritually every morning this winter season. It’s strong but subtle simultaneously, so one spray is all it takes. The crafted concoction of intoxicating herbs and crisp citrus immediately engulfs your olfactory senses, followed by an aromas of rum and amber that chemically melds with your skin. Alford & Hoff is a men’s fragrance that evolves and moves with me. Whether I am getting ready in my room or on the way to a day full of meetings, I am confident that the scent lingers almost all day. Certainly the type of scent story that carries on and on. 

As always and true to MYBELONGING’s editorial policy, I wouldn’t recommend something that I don’t truly love or believe in. Alford & Hoff is redefining the face of men’s colognes, making it the perfect holiday present for the man in your life. All you have to do is click through here to discover why Alford and Hoff is such a special scent and leave a comment below with your favorite holiday memory!