An Absolut Holiday Cocktail Story


All good and joyous things start with

an Absolut Elyx holiday cocktail.

I was first introduced to Absolut  back in college. Prior to that I had never drank a sip of vodka. As I walked onto the Ivied, cathedral halls of Cornell, I never thought the rite of passage that will soon occur, on a random Friday night, be in a form of a vodka and tonic water.

This simple yet delicious cocktail became synonymous with years of good times and unforgettable memories, from themed-house parties to social soirees. That was my first initiation into the world of Absolut and its wide, colorful portfolio of flavorful variations.


Absolut and I later rekindled our relationship as I started my first corporate gig at MTV / LOGO. A bit of a throwback fact: I actually worked in the online marketing department for the very first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now you know. And they were one of the first sponsors to come on board when no one else believed in a reality competition show that was a mix between America’s Top Model and Project Runway but only with drag queens and lip-synching. Absolut understood the value of being unconventional but also being yourself. It’s also a vodka that embodies pure joy and encourages us to come together.


Fast forward to present day, I am about to be roasting by the fire and whipping up some delicious Absolut Elyx cocktails with my decked-out bar cart. At my new house -- another first! Absolut Elyx is a high-end, single-estate vodka that’s affordable for all. It is perhaps Absolut’s most luxury creation yet. The flavor profile of this vodka is further enhanced by the copper mule vessel and straw. It’s also super festive and decorative, an added flair to your holiday decor this season! For this holiday season, I am excited to share a recipe that you’d love preparing for all your family and friends: 

3 Parts Absolut Elyx
1 Part Fresh Homemade Raspberry Cordial* 
1 Part Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
Top Ginger Beer
Vessel: Copper Mule Cup
Garnish: Fresh Raspberries
Method: Combine all ingredients in a copper mule cup over crushed ice, top with ginger beer and garnish
Preparation level: Simple 


Hope you guys enjoyed this Absolut Elyx (learn more here) cocktail recipe. Here’s to an Absolut-ely wonderful holiday to you and your loved ones!