What to Wear in Gothenburg, Sweden

Dressing for Scandinavian weather

Is as easy as 1, 2 and 3 with 7Diamonds

Before we delve into a full recap of my trip in Gothenburg, Sweden, I thought I'd do a teaser of what I wore (almost exclusively) whilst being in a more mild and chillier climate. There's nothing more that I love than light layers meets cold weather, and 7Diamonds' fleet of Fall/Winter wear allows me to do so effortlessly, stylishly and functionally. 

  • Evenings can range from the mid 50s-40s (Fahrenheit) in Gothenburg during the Fall. That's why I opted to go with a turtleneck layered underneath a 7Diamonds blazer. The thing about blazers is that they're very versatile and can be easily layered over or under another piece of clothing. It's also a fool-proof way to instantly polish up and elevate the chic factor before heading off to a dinner appointment that you're probably already late for. 
  • Traveling from the city of Gothenburg to its neighboring archipelagos can be quite the daunting task, if you aren't suitably attired. 7Diamonds thick, wool bombers and selection of cozy, chic sweaters kept me warm throughout a brisk and windy ferry ride before I reached my destination. And top it with an overcoat and you're ready for whatever inclement weather comes your way. 

Even the craziest wind tunnels were welcomed during my jaunt inside the forts of Marstrand, wearing this incredibly compact, Loosid jacket from 7Diamonds. What's so insanely cool about it is that transforms into a bag and stores very easily into any carry-on luggage. It's perfect for those who tend to pack for multiple days at a time and need a back-up jacket. Winter may be coming, but one can have their Game of Thrones moment without freezing their butts off with this jacket on. 



This jacket is fully convertible and transforms into a compact bag for easy traveling.


So there you have it -- just a few ways to blend in as a local Swede wearing simple but stylish, pared-down pieces from 7Diamonds. What is your travel essentials story? Have a Scandinavian uniform you'd like to share? We'd love to know in the comments below and stay tuned for an exciting recap of my Gothenburg trip very soon!

A huge thanks to VisitSweden, Goteborg and 7Diamonds for making this story possible. All words and experiences are entirely my own. 

Photography by Azusa Takano