29 Tweet-Worthy Reflections on this Millennial Life

29 Tweet-Worthy Reflections on this Millennial Life


Everyone thinks Millennials are entitled, lazy and narcissistic. But we're really here just to prove you wrong.

Here's 29 tweet-able reflections as a 29-year-old Millennial. Brought to you by Movitra Spectacles

I turned 29 this past June. It’s hard to believe I am merely months away from 30. Time really does fly in the blink of an eye, as my parents would say to remind me that life is precious and fleeting.

I get incredibly verklempt and nostalgic especially around this time of year. It’s a time to look forward, as I put on my new shades from Movitra Spectacles to welcome new beginnings, new resolutions, new aspirations in the near horizon. It’s also a time where I welcome the full-on pangs of introspection and dissecting the lessons I’ve learned over the course of 29 years as a Millennial, who is gay, Asian-American and a multimedia creative. I thought it’ll be nice share some of these heartfelt reflections in a relatable, tweetable and tweet-worthy format:


Introducing The Impossible Spectacles

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1. Confidence takes practice. It’s up to us to find that courage to be noticed, to be different, to be confident in our skin. 
2. Don’t give anyone enough power to tell you that you can’t have it all. Because. You. Can.
3. Invest in yourself. And a good pair of sunglasses, like @MovitraSpecs.
4. Don’t just try, take action.
5. Real beauty requires no superficial validation, likes or comments. 
6. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a desire to connect and grow from your interactions with others.
7. It’s okay to disconnect from your phone and plug into your surroundings instead.
8. Do drink and Uber. Or go out with a designated driver. At all times.
9. Relationships are both an emotional and financial investment. Don’t waste your time on those who only take and never give you anything in return.
10. Try everything at least once. Bet you didn’t know that live octopus could taste so good.
11. Travel together. Travel solo. Travel often.
12. Constantly worrying what other people's business will only distract you from greatness. 
13. Raise your voice. Stand your ground. Make an impact.
14. Appreciate those who you take for granted. A small but grateful gesture can go a long way. 
15. Rejection is the universe’s way of pushing you forward. 
16. Remember, failure could lead to bigger and better things.
17. Be nice and compassionate towards others whenever you can. Everyone is fighting their own set of battles.
18. We’re all insecure in one way or another. No one is perfect, even if you are Beyoncé. 
19. Dare to be different. Dare to be fearless.
20. It's almost 2018. If you still feel the need to judge people for living their lives, check your privilege and stay outta my lane. 
21. Start counting life by the moments, not hours, minutes, or seconds. 
22. The older you get, the more you crave the simple things in life.
23. Nothing good ever came out of forcing it - let it go and let it flow. 
24. Don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. 
25. Let your passions speak for itself and tell your story. Show rather than tell.
26. Try not to take anything too personally. Chances are, it’s not worth your time anyway. 
27. Sell yourself. Become your own salesperson. 
28. New year, same mantra: Believe in yourself. 
29. Do the impossible everyday until it becomes possible.


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The last reflection resonates with me in particular, because sometimes we get too caught up on the things we deem as impossible. Truth is, they will always be unless we attempt to make it a possibility, a tangible reality. I could recall a number of things that I once considered the impossible — for instance, getting into the college of my dreams, starting my own business, and coming out to my own parents. Movitra Spectacles, in that same spirit, has demonstrated what it’s like to achieve the impossible in the world of eyewear and optics. Their sunglasses are incomparably handmade in Italy with Carl Zeiss lens that are completely mobile and swivel when bent to prevent breakage. It’s the most flexible pair of high-end shades I’ve ever worn. Easy to wear and easy on the eyes. Claim and try them before anyone else using my code 'TOMMY LEI Y8O9 PAOM’ on MOVITRASPECTACLES.COM; I am sure you’ll love them as much as I do. 

Photography Azusa Takano
Styling + Creative Direction Tommy Lei



Hope you guys enjoyed my 29 reflections! Here’s to another season of reflection and looking forward to all the good things in life. What are you reflecting on this holiday season?

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