DITTO - for you and me.

My apologies for the absence in this space lately - it’s been mind-numbingly busy between multiple projects and hectic travel itineraries. But I am finally back from Key West and I bring you gifts + giveaways!

One of the key things that I stress here on MYBELONGING is quality over quantity, which usually translates into more cost efficiency per wear (or simply, cost-per-wear). I sincerely believe in the power of timeless investments; sunglasses are one of those items as they are meant to be worn everyday and are essential accessories that complete any outfit.

Are you, like me, always on the hunt for the newest and latest designer eyewear? If so, I have some great news.


An innovative e-commerce platform that stocks designer sunglasses, from perennial favorites (like Ray Ban) to the ultra-luxe (Lanvin). On the surface DITTO appears to be like any online boutique; once you dig deeper, you’ll discover an intuitive, easy-to-use system that allows you to try on - at an 360 degree angle - the sunglasses well before you make the decision to purchase.

But wait, it gets even better. DITTO offers an in-house subscription service appropriately-named Endless. Under the Endless program, you are able to select one pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses of your choice. You may choose to conveniently return it at any time to rotate it out for a newer pair. If somehow the stars align and you fall in love with your current pair, the option to purchase can be easily arranged with a DITTO customer rep.

While I was planning out my Key West trip, I decided to jump on the opportunity to test drive DITTO’s proprietary technology. It was a breeze as expected. After trying them on virtually, I ordered the sunglasses I wanted and they all arrived within a week (this may vary depending on your geographic location and time of order request). I only ended up wearing the sunglasses from Lanvin and Ksubi - because the Retro Super Futures turned out to be ill-fitting. DITTO’s Endless program makes it so easy to try on the most current and curated selection of sunglasses without breaking the bank - it’s also a fool-proof way to avoid another regrettable online purchase or potential embarrassment at a specialty sunglass boutique. DITTO’s service is ideal for those who constantly travel or gifting (especially with Father's Day coming up!).

This is why I’ve partnered up with DITTO to giveaway 3 months worthy of Endless, because it’s just so life-changingly good. I mean, who doesn’t want an endless supply of designer sunglasses they could try on and perhaps end up falling in love with? It’s like a matching service between you and your perfect sunglass pairing - for you and only you. Shipped free, with unlimited swapping. 

For your chance to win, you must sign up using the link via the Gleam widget and leave a comment below. Deadline is next Monday, June 1st. Good luck!

DITTO Endless Designer Eyewear Giveaway